Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency conference – No it is not, it is industry conference but you will see people presenting from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency among the speakers and have the ability to ask questions from them.
  2. Who is hosting the conference – The conference is being hosted by Two Country Bunkins Ltd. The company was set up to host this conference by two industry specialists that wished to bring the industry together in one place to allow for everyone to connect with upcoming changes and ensure everyone is informed and has a chance to hear why
  3. Why Nelson – There are a lot of reasons for choosing Nelson to host this event. While there are some considerations around availability of premises suitable for hosting a conference such as ours, the Rutherford stands out as a mature venue that has remained available at significant lengths to be available for conferencing for all manner of groups. As important the team at the venue are highly experienced and motivated to ensure the success of such events. Nelson was almost a no choice option for us originally in discussing the undertaking of the conference. Business communities are often fixed on “going to population” and this can encourage industries to become entrenched and left with the impression that change is not purposeful (and much less comfortable). We have a very strong and proud TTM community on the Mainland and respect is shown to that fact by the industry coming to their region. We are also conscious that geographically Nelson is as much in the middle of Aotearoa as any place on either island. We also know that for those that care to explore one of the jewels in our back yard, Nelson is probably only an hour from any type of experience a traveller may wish to have. We thank Nelson City for embracing the opportunity to host this conference event. Due to current environment around New Zealand a lot of the good size venues are being used to house returning people to New Zealand. Nelson provided a good size venue and due to the airport also being a plane maintenance base, Nelson has maintained a good number of flights to and from main centres around New Zealand. This makes it as accessible as many larger centres while providing the wonderful benefit of reduced traffic and travel issues for those needing to access the conference by road or following arrival at the airport.
  4. Who is the Conference for – The conference is for everyone to attend, whether you are supplying/managing/supporting or working on the road in the Temporary Traffic Management Industry you are welcome to attend. We have kept costs as low as possible to reduce the cost barrier to attendance. You will find as the remaining speakers are confirmed there will be some really important stories told to help everyone understand the risks and awareness of working on the road around New Zealand
  5. Will speakers be selling products – No the speakers this year will be talking industry wide and will be about forming connections to key aspects of ensuring the safety of all using the road. Of course we do have sponsors and a trade hall. With out their support we would not be able to keep costs down for attendees so we do ask that you support our sponsors that make this conference possible
  6. What happens with Covid Restrictions – This is very front of mind for all at the moment, and you will see from the terms and condition when registering we do have a plan to deal with various situations that could occur to ensure the safety of all participants. We are committed to hosting this conference in person but do have backup of an online forum to host should it be needed.
  7. Is there a Conference Dinner – Yes there is on the Monday night. The cost of this is included with your registration fee.
  8. Where do I stay – We have a number of rooms booked at the venue so you can let us know at time of registration should you want a room and for how many nights. All costs associated with accommodation are to be met by the attendee and paid directly to the venue. We will also provide a list of nearby accommodation should people ask.