Livi Mulholland

  • Operations Manager
  • KYND Wellness

Livi joined KYND three years ago when her father Dr. Tom Mulholland first founded the company. Livi and Dr Tom toured the country in a retro chevy ambulance, doing medical checks in forestry crews and helping them download the software. Taking feedback on industry needs (such as a place to store eyesight and hearing) Livi worked with the development team to create a tool that helps keep employees safe and out of harm’s way. 


Livi’s degree in Communications majoring in Creative Industries has helped her understand the importance of connecting with New Zealanders to get them to understand why health is such a big factor in keeping them out of harms way, on the field and at home. Her background in communications and her field experience with every day Kiwi’s, has given her an applicable knowledge on the challenges high-risk industries face, and a passion for approaching these challenges with modern solutions.