Richard Young

  • Managing Director
  • SmartSense Ltd

Richard has worked in the construction industry as a Chartered Engineer for over thirty years and has built and designed highways on three continents. To enhance safety and improve efficiency on roading projects he pioneered the use of smart technology to capture vehicle movements in real time. This provides tools that project staff can rely on to understand the volumes and speeds of vehicles through work sites. The ‘hard data’ captured is from real vehicles in and around the work site and is fully auditable and allows customer disruption and contractor performance to be independently measured.
Richard uses the same technology to provide real time intelligence on the movements of people at places like Eden Park and Britomart Station and is also providing clients with laser-based systems for counting traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and those even those blooming e-scooters.
When not measuring traffic and people Richard is often to be found cycling around the country and completed the 3,000km Tour Aotearoa Cape Reinga to Bluff event in 2020, and earlier in 2021 the 1,000km Kōpiko event from East Cape to Cape Egmont in Taranaki which included over 18,000m of pedalling up hills – twice the height of Everest!
To really unwind Richard is a qualified train driver, and can often be seen driving scores of smiling adults and children around the miniature railway on the Kāpiti Coast!