Robert Swears

  • Technical Principal - Road Safety and Traffic Engineering
  • WSP

Robert has had a strong interest in temporary traffic management for most of his career as a road safety and transport engineer. This interest extends from his involvement with drafting the First Edition of CoPTTM in 1999, through to being a former Level 1 Trainer, Level 2/3 practical assessor, and very active participant in the development and editing of the Fourth Edition of CoPTTM. A few years of working in the UK demonstrated to Robert that (in theory) the approach we have to TTM in New Zealand is actually pretty good and we have some good systems in place. However, he is concerned that there is significant scope for our industry to improve the manner in which TTM is delivered on the road. The presentation Robert delivers at the conference is intended to challenge the status quo and generate discussion regarding the best way forward with TTM.